Vancouver Yacht Rental Was Fantastic

We were hooked on Getaway Yacht Charters from our first visit

It was on our most recent visit to Vancouver, a place my wife and I can never seem to get enough of, that we wandered down to Coal Harbour, where the beautiful yacht, Captains Impatient is moored. After speaking with the captain, we decided to take a 4-hour harbour cruise that started with a trip around beautiful Stanley Park before we headed west to Lions Gate Bridge for an afternoon of touring the inner Vancouver Harbour to Point Atkinson, into English Bay and False Creek.


There was plenty to see, but I must say my favorite was when we travelled past Granville Island with its lively collection of unique shops, great restaurants, marine stores and much more. Along the trip the captain and crew served us to a very tasty meal which we leisurely enjoyed on deck. We had such a great day relaxing and taking in the sun and scenery that it occurred to us that next time we will enjoy this incredible cruise in the evening so that we can enjoy Vancouver’s vivid city lights and skyline. On the way back we stopped to pick up dinner of fresh dungess crab that we caught in the traps we dropped at the start of our tour. The perfect end to a great afternoon tour.


During our tour, the very friendly and accommodating crew told us about the 4-hour Celebration of Lights tour they offer each year at the end of July. Their description of the world's largest offshore international fireworks competition has us convinced that we will book our spot to view the extravaganza of fireworks set to a musical soundtrack. The four-night spectacle lights up the sky just off Sunset Beach and they say there is no better place to watch than from the comfort of Captains Impatient, anchored in English Bay right in front of the event.


Once we were back on shore I took the opportunity to book Captains Impatient for a weekend in the middle of summer and will start planning my first annual fishing trip with a few of my very lucky friends. Every summer six of us buddies take a take a week off and go golfing or fishing and this year, because it’s my turn to book, we are going to enjoy four days of fishing for the area’s famous salmon. The crew were sharing their success stories about trolling with flashers hoochies at 60 to 130 in the area around Vancouver and the Gulf Islands and I was hooked.


I will spend the next several months anticipating my next holiday aboard Captains Impatient! for four days rather than a few short hours. It may have been an unexpected coincidence that my wife and I ended up at Getaway Yacht Charters where their luxurious and quality built  63’ Yacht, Captains Impatient! was waiting to show us where a perfect holiday begins.


Vancouver Yacht Experience

If you have ever imagined the luxury of a relaxing holiday away from the crowds in a private setting lounging in the sun for hours, reading your book or exploring the rarely seen beauty of the area's hidden gems, then look no further than the Pacific Northwest’s most luxurious and quality built 63’ Yacht.

Sailing from coal harbor, just 25 minutes from the Vancouver airport, the Captains Impatient! is ready to take up to 25 guests for a short afternoon jaunt for sight seeing or great fishing that the local waters offer up. For longer trips, the yacht sleeps 6-8 comfortably and will take you to some of the most scenic, hard to find places that our Canadian west coast has to offer.

Visit beautiful destinations such as the Princess Louisa Inlet, that the natives named Suivoolot, which means sunny and warm. This hidden oasis is only approachable from the Strait of Georgia by way of Jervis Inlet. The closest public road is 68 kilometers away making this wondrous site only approachable by sea. Or stop and spend time at the Butchart Gardens, named for the family whose descendants still privately own the 55 acres of brilliantly displayed gardens in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Perhaps you would rather tour the Gulf Islands, a chain of more than a dozen paradise islands along the coast of Vancouver between Campbell River and Victoria. If Seattle, with its amazing view of the water and mountains is your destination of choice then get on your walking shoes, the seaside city has a lot to offer.

Desolation Sound is located on the Sunshine Coast at the northern end of British Columbia and is appropriately named because it is difficult to access by public road. Travel to the San Juan Islands, just off the coast of Vancouver Island, for new experiences including whale watching and a range of activities. The choices are numerous.

Captains Impatient! offers 3 cabins for its guests and all the conveniences of home including television, a washer and dryer and central vacume. Owner Dave Meena will recommend a crew who make it their priority to make sure their guests are well taken care of. Chose to research and plan your perfect get-away down to the last detail and the captain and crew will work to make the details of your trip very impressive. Or you can leave the itinerary planning to the experts who know all the out-of-the way places and will guide you through the best local spots.

With ample space throughout, cramped quarters are not a concern but with all there is to do, you won't be spending much time indoors anyway. Play in the water or explore hidden beaches and if shopping is your goal then spend the day ashore discovering the local attractions. While the yacht is moored you can explore the local scene or stay aboard for a quiet and romantic evening where the gourmet meals on offer are unmatched.

Once you have experienced the freedom of chartering a yacht and planning the holiday of your dreams, you will want to abandon the typical hotel room and packed beaches for a vacation where the entire sea is at your front door. Captains Impatient! Is ready for you to considered this type of holiday and there is plenty of information on the Getaway Yacht Charters website to help you decide when and where your perfect holiday begins.

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