Witness The Pacific Ocean Aboard a Yacht

Sailing from coal harbour, just 25 minutes from the Vancouver airport, Captains Impatient! the Pacific Northwest’s most luxurious and quality built 63’ Yacht with the flexibility to take up to 25 guests for an afternoon of sight seeing or will sleep 6-8 comfortably for longer trips.

You can take a romantic harbour cruise or spend the afternoon fishing or even treat yourself to a different perspective of local events aboard this bareboat charter. For an inspiring GetAway you can enjoy a multi week cruising with family or friends and discover those hard to reach places that that only a fortunate few ever see.

Our level of experience meant that we needed a professional on-board so we took the recommendation of a skipper and spent a long weekend watching seals and sea lions. The best waw when we witnessed some of them sunning themselves on a large rock off the coastline while a majestic bald eagle hunted over their heads.

The highlight of our trip, for me anyway was when we past by a groups of Dall's porpoise, with their distinctive thick bodies and small heads, frolic in the afternoon sun. Captains Impatient! offer an amazing and rare opportunity to watch many of the great wildlife that call the chilly northern waters of the surrounding Pacific their home.We were not lucky enough to see the Orcas or killer whales but that was just a great excuse to plan our next trip in late summer to witness as they make their way through here.

Orca wales travel in pods of various sizes from five up to as many as 30. During social occasions like feeding time they will gather in groups of up to 100. That is why the waters that surround the Gulf Islands and south to the San Juan islands, that is prime feeding ground offer some of the best whale-watching spots in the world. One of the most miraculous showcases in North America is to see the massive orca whales swimming, breaching or playing together in the water.

Whale-watching season last from March to October and every shoreline in the area is dotted with the evidence that this magnificent sight was responsible for the successful cottage industry built to please those who want to see the killer whales up close.

Each season offers a treat to different areas and starting the early months of the spring when the grey whales migrate along the Tofino and Ucluelet area of the west side of Vancouver Island. Later in the season, from May-October, the best view can be found in the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands where the orcas feed on the salmon as they pass through the area. Further north, the waters of Johnson Strait warm up enough through the months of July to September for orcas to be found in this area.

Get out your suntan lotion, sunglasses and of course your binoculars and let GetAway Yacht Charters provide you with an experience you will never forget, including the unforgettable migration of killer wales. We consider ourselves lucky that Captains Impatient! offered us some of the most spectacular views that we will always be privileged to count among our favourite memories.


Great Vancouver Fishing charter

Getaway Yacht Charters gave my buddies and I a fishing trip we will never forget


After our first GETAWAY, a great afternoon my wife and I spent aboard Captains Impatient!, seeing places that only the privileged few ever experience, I was back aboard the Pacific Northwest’s most luxurious 63’ Yacht with some buddies for a four-day fishing trip that created memories I will have forever.


I was like a giddy school girl as I walked my group of friends down the peer on Coal Harbour where my wife and I found Captains Impatient! for the first time. From the minute the four of us stepped on board, the owner, Dave Meena was dedicated to ensuring that we were taken care of. He was very personable and he accommodated our every need. We had so much fun and his professionalism and knowledge about fishing lead to great success, It was brilliant!


The Captain introduced us to some spectacular fishing and something that was a first to me, crab trapping. One day of our four-day weekend included trapping the dungeness crab. Casting out then pulling in our trap every ten to 15 minutes to check our success was very exiting. Once we were happy with our catch, we were treated to some very interesting cooking instructions that lead to a spectacular meal. Our crab bounty was so great that we were able to package up and take home the extra to practice my new cooking prowess on my wife.


The salmon we caught over the weekend were huge, both in size and number. We would catch then clean each of the fish that were big enough to brag about. Later, the cabin would be abuzz as we sat together sharing a feast that always included the fresh catch of the day, a glass of wine or two and the chatter of the day's stories.


The many delicious meals during our trip included our daily catch and a selection of exceptional, fresh food and a menu that was varied & tasty and always something that we looked forward to. Added to this was our spacious quarters made this a dream vacation. The four of us were very comfortable below deck with three cabins. The master cabin that can be found midship is a very comfortable space with a queen size bed and en-suite. Forward is the VIP guest cabin with its own queen bed and private access to the guest head. The third cabin has two bunks. With a television, washer and dryer and central vacuum we had all the luxuries of home.


This was my second of many vacations with the ocean stretched out in front of me. Captains Impatient! showed me a different type of holiday and it all started with a visit to Getaway Yacht Charters in Coal Harbour to show me where a perfect holiday begins.



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